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The Burning Crusade 2006-2008
Once upon a time in 2006 a group of raiders in a Classic guild called "The Sleepers" felt that their potential as a serious raid was to form a new path, and thus <The Church> was born. Led by the first battlepope Semeris, <The Church> forged itself in the fel fire of TBC under his iron reign, when the raid was passed to the Torger, our beloved Mussolini who pushed the raid to new heights completing every tier and culminating in server 1st Eredar Twins in Sunwell and sparking a battle for server dominance with <Vox Radix> on alliance and some Horde rivals.

Wrath of the Lich King 2008-2010
At the end of The Burning Crusade, the torch was passed to Mofftarkin, the double Hitler whose oppressive regime managed to result in <The Church> realizing a string of Server 1sts and the highest ranks ever achieved in 2009 in Ulduar. Our successes in Ulduar were a golden era that many of us remember with great pride.
Tier 8 Church Ranks

Tier 9 with Trial of the Grand Crusader was a rough tier, first some Horde guild <Bloodlust Theorycrafters> came out of nowhere and nabbed server 1st Anub'Arak from both us and Vox, then we lost again with the stupid "no wipe" achievement for server 1st. Have to hand it to <Vox Radix> they beat us out on that one, but we did clear the tier with the no-wipe achievement on a very difficult Anub'Arak. Anyone remember practicing penetrating cold in a simulator?

Tier 9 Church Ranks

Tier 10 was a strong overall tier, but the oppressive difficulty of 25 man Heroic Lich King caused us to miss that final kill in Icecrown Citadel. We DID get him on 10-man but the 25m kill eluded us. We managed to snag a server 1st in the tier before we lost steam though!

Tier 10 Church Ranks

Cataclysm 2010-2012
Cataclysm was an appropriate time for some reformation in <The Church>. The transition into Tier 11 was rocky, with 2 main groups running 10m raids, one led by Quadraxes who was passed the torch by Valaron who had succeeded Mofftarkin, the second was led by Daha, who was one of the most important members to never officially hold GM. With some momentum, the 2 raids were merged into a single 25m and progression resumed, but halfway through the tier some friction caused a sudden collapse and exodus of a few officers! Through the turmoil our communist era began under comrade Tekniques' leadership. This was an era of rebuilding, which set us back in T11, but culminated in killing Nefarian before firelands released!

Tier 11 Church Ranks

Firelands was where we whipped our raid into shape and developed our raiding core. Many of the friends we made in Firelands are still around today. We culminated in a US 188 kill of Majordomo! We were not able to complete the tier before the next tier came out, but this would soon change.

Tier 12 Church Ranks

Dragon Soul is where wind caught under our sails. With our community strong we had actually launched 2 25 man raids! We culminated with a US 133 kill of Heroic: Spine of Deathwing which was an all time record for <The Church> and we finished the tier for the first time since our near collapse after the Lich King! Server 1st still eluded us as <Vox Radix> was just ahead of us.. but this would soon change.

Tier 13 Church Ranks

Mists of Pandaria 2012-2014
Mists was a strong expansion for <The Church> Kirae aka Castaanu took the torch from Tekniques and began his glorious 2 expansion reign. We started the expansion with 2 full 25 man groups, and a new push to make server 1st statements. With a new raid schedule, and a raid better than ever we hit MoP hard and had some big highlights!

Tier 14 we started strong and snagged some server 1sts including will of the emperor! We lost some steam by the end of the tier and hit some progression speed bumps.
Tier 14 Church Ranks

Tier 15 with Throne of Thunder saw a resurgence and rebuild period that launched us forward to 13/13 and rank 98 US kill of Ra-Den!! This put us in a much better position for the final tier of the expansion.
Tier 15 Church Ranks

Tier 16 we rebounded with a huge push for our highest rankings ever! US 66 kill of Mythic Garrosh! 14/14 (M)
Tier 16 Church Ranks

Warlords of Draenor 2014-2016
WoD started as a strong expansion with the release of the Mythic 20-man raid size. We split into two raids a casual weekend raid called "Sunday School" and our main progress raid during the week.

In Tier 17 we started strong with a battle with <Friend Zone> for server 1sts, we ran behind them in the beginning but caught speed and passed them during Blackrock Foundry culminating an a Server First Mythic Blackhand!!
Tier 17 Church Ranks

Tier 18 was a dark time, we started so strong off our high from Blackhand Server 1st, but we fell behind <Friend Zone> in this tier, and due to some leadership malaise we finally disbanded our main raid halfway through the tier and active mythic raiders split to other raids.

Tier 18 Church Ranks

Legion 2016-Current
Resurrection! Legion sparked the desire to play again for many of our veteran raiders and leadership. Tekniques donned the Battlepope mantle once again and veterans from expansions past rallied for a new push! With a more casual approach than before, the raid was started up again and recruitment began anew.

This is our section of the story to write now. What will happen in Legion and beyond?

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