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Applications to join our guild and questions here!
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Sgtwtf | Mage | Fire

Post#1 » Wed May 03, 2017 9:02 pm

A little about me:

I was late to WoW as a whole, and I only started playing in Pandaria. I've been playing off and on since then. For a long time, I did not put in enough hours to justify joining a real guild, but in the past several months I have been enjoying Legion and putting in a lot of time, especially since 7.2 has come out. PUGs have gotten me a taste of raiding, and I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge and raid regularly.

I am, admittedly, a relatively new raider, but I feel I have the resources (gold) to be raid ready and the technical know how to set up whatever add-ons, programs, or whatever else I need to improve my gameplay. I'm always looking to improve how I play my spec and class, and I feel joining a guild can only help me, with not only ilvls but experience.

Item Level for Primary Spec: 895
Artifact Research Level for Primary Spec: 33
Highest Mythic Plus Achieved: 3
Average Hours per week played: 10 hours
Favorite Raid Encounter for Legion: Il'gynoth
Favorite Raid Encounter for all time: Siegecrafter Blackfuse from Siege of Orgrimmar
Are you willing to do guild mythic pluses? If yes, what dungeons/plus levels? Yes. I haven't been playing Mythic+ content because it can be difficult to find PUGs to play with, but I definitely want to get involved. I'll do all dungeons as high as we can push the levels.

Are you attuned for Nighthold? Yes, and I've been keeping pace with the ToS quests.

How do you contribute to the success of a raid group?
If there is a group that has to split off or a mechanic that needs to be managed by only a few people, I'll volunteer for it. I'm always trying to analyze my own play, admit my mistakes, and make another attempt, whether the raid takes one try or 100.

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Re: Sgtwtf | Mage | Fire

Post#2 » Thu May 04, 2017 6:56 pm

Hello and thanks for the application!

I took a quick look at your character and he looks ready to raid. We don't mind someone with out a lot of experience as long as they have a good attitude and are able to learn!

We could use another Mage, and are interested in having you join us.

Couple questions:

Our raids are Thursdays and Sundays from 7:30 to 10:30 MST (server time). Are you able to reliably attend those raids?

We require raiders to be able to install a couple addons:
EPGP_muffinmaker to roll on loot and
WeakAuras as we may share auras in raid to help with mechanics

Are you able to install and use addons as needed?

Message me in-game, on discord or reply here. Thanks!

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